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How to get Started on Student Loan Consulting Services

Student Loan ConsultingStudent Loan Repayment Consulting, LLC offers a Free Initial Consultation:

First we will gather data to analyze such as: 

  • Your current Federal Student Loan situation, monthly loan payment, employment, financial situation, currently loan payment plan etc.
  • Once our Student Loan Experts analyze your federal student loan situation, they will setup a phone consultation.


Free Consultation with one of our Student Loan Experts consists of:

  • Our Student Loan Consultant will talk to you about your current federal student loan situation.
  • Inform you if you are eligible for student loan cancellation, discharge or forgiveness.
  • Talk to you about the best repayment programs you qualify for, estimate of savings and benefits of the programs.



To get Started with your Free Consultation, Complete Steps 1 through 8 below:

1. Visit the website: to produce your FSA Username and Password.  If you have a valid FSA ID and password skip to Step 2.

(Note: Pin Numbers are not utilized anymore, however if you have a PIN.  You can enter your PIN during the FSA ID registration procedure so that you will not require to wait for the Social Security Administration to verify your info).


2. Visit the website click “Financial Aid Review” and sign in with your FSA ID and Password.


3. As soon as you log in you will see “Financial Aid Review” with all your student loans listed and numbered.  Print that screen.


4.  Click the number “1” that is listed next to the loan.  Once that page loads up  print this screen (page) with the loan info.


5.  After you print that screen (page) Click the “Next” button (in the top right).  Once the next page loads print off that page for “Type of Loan 2”. Continue this step until you have actually printed off all single loan pages. (3, 4, 5 etc)


6. Scan the Student Loan documents and Email them as an attachments to -or- You can Fax the pages to 702-620-3281


7. Visit our Student Loan Questionnaire by clicking here and complete the questions.


8. Scan your Form 1040 from your tax return and email it as an attachment to -or- You can Fax the pages to 702-620-3281

Note: If you do not have a 1040 Form, please let us know.


9. When we receive your info from the above steps we will evaluate your student loan circumstance.  Our team will call and/or email you and let you know how we can help you with your student loan repayment program. Our team will supply a price quote of savings for programs you are qualified for and explain the programs.


10. If you would like to hire us to complete student loan consulting services, open the Student Loan Assistance Contract by clicking here and Print the Agreement. Complete the agreement, sign it, scan the agreement and Email it as an attachment to -or- You can Fax the contract to 702-620-3281


12. We charge a $495 flat fee to finish your consulting services and to complete the necessary paperwork. We accept payment by charge card over the phone or payment online by clicking the PayPal “Buy Now” button below.

 $495 Flat Fee – Student Loan Consulting Services


Once Payment is Received:  Student Loan Repayment Consulting, LLC will finish your paper work and file your paperwork.  Generally you will be notified the approval of your new payment program, discharge, forgiveness of loan etc. within a 4 to 6 weeks.

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