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  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Get out of Default
  • Student Loan Cancellation, Forgiveness or Discharge
  • Income Driven Repayment Plans
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs
  • Total & Permanent Disability Discharge

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Student Loan Consulting

Complete analysis of client’s student loan situation

Advise clients on the best repayment plan to save the most money

Enter our clients into the best repayment plan

Income Driven Repayment Plans

Reduce Monthly Payments

Sets monthly payment to be affordable based on income, family size and loan balance

Income Driven Repayment Plans include: IBR, PAYE and ICR

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Full public service workers and 501 (c) employees can get student loan forgiveness after 10 years of qualified payments

Program started in 2007 and loans can be forgiven starting 2017 if 10 years (120 months) of qualified payments are made

Student Loan Cancellation, Forgiveness or Discharge

Student Loans can be canceled, forgiven or discharged in certain situations such as

Closed school
Total and Permanent Disability Discharge
False certification of student eligibility and more…

Student Loan Repayment Consulting, LLC works directly with our clients and analyzes each client’s situation and devises a plan to save our client’s the most amount of money. What we are able to do is substantially lower federal student loan monthly payments and our clients will pay the least amount to fulfill their student loan obligation. Our team of experts understands the student loan laws and how to use government student loan programs to help our clients. We gather all the necessary information on your student loans, employment, household size etc. to get you on the correct payment plan to save our client the most money.

Student Loan payments financially cripple many individuals and households. Most student loan borrowers are paying back student loans on a standard repayment plan and aren’t aware of the various government repayment programs available. Our team of Student Loan Experts and Lawyers are experienced in student loan laws and the process of entering clients in the most favorable programs and repayment plans.

Some Ways we can help Federal Student Loan Borrowers:

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Forgive, Discharge or Cancel loans in certain situations
  • Get out of default, stop wage garnishments and tax offsets
  • Consolidate loans if needed
  • Ensure qualified payments are being made for government programs such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness

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